10-4 develops technology that harnesses the power of Big Data. We provide shippers, carriers, & 3PLs with full shipment visibility, enabling them to provide visibility to their customers, in REAL-TIME.


Intelligent Supply Chain Visibility

Manage all of your shipments in a single portal

• Freight Portal’s interface gives you and your customers shipment visibility

• Filter your shipments by delivery date, destination, or SKU for pro-active exception alerting

• Easily share important information and updates internally and with your customers

• Gain additional transparency to minimize inbound customer calls

Optimize your network

• Automatic status updates provided from multiple sources

• Notifications on shipments on time, running late, or in jeopardy

• Set alerts for weather and traffic congestion

• Customize views based on users and their roles in your organization

10-4 Mobile

Get real-time location tracking on our lightweight app that provides:

• Status Notifications

• POD uploads

10-4 Mobile

Performance Data Reporting

• Use the 10-4 dashboard and analytics for data mining and reporting

• Improve carrier performance by managing SLA’s with your data