Who is 10-4

10-4 Systems opened
its doors in Boulder,
Colorado, in 2012

We set out on a mission to eliminate the manual processes plaguing the Truckload industry. It is our goal to bring technology to the industry to maximize resources to create immediate cost savings and productivity gains for Carriers, Brokers and Shippers.

With a satellite office in Grand Rapids, MI we have a strong support network to help you integrate with our system.


We’re more than a fleet management trucking app... 

10-4 offers a suite of products positioned to automate truckload behavior and add efficiencies to eliminate the manual processes. We make integration easy to streamline communication and provide more opportunities to both the Freight Provider and Carrier. We provide real-time document capture, end to end shipping visibility, fleet management, backhaul management, and logistics software.

Our combination of products puts real-time updates and easy communication at your fingertips via your smart phone or your personal computer. We want to remove faxes, check-calls, and other non-automated processes.

Laptop Truck

The end to end visibility 10-4 provides offers a streamlined system that updates the labor intensive procedures of the past. We also provide training materials and integration to keep you moving forward.

10-4’s technology is engineered for today’s dynamic transportation environment. From our Marketplace to our Freight Portal- see what our technology can do to increase efficiency, optimize your available capacity, and give you the visibility you need to seamlessly manage your supply chain.

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