• Want to improve your driver and asset management?
  • Are you tired of countless customer service and check calls?
  • Looking for simple and streamlined truck tracking capabilities?
  • Want to facilitate better relationships with your shippers?

Whether you are an owner operator, national carrier, or private fleet, 10-4 has all of these benefits and more. We facilitate easier communication and the power to offer real-time visibility to your shippers and their customers.

Our mobile app is easily integrated to manage the visibility of your assets and provide instant document capture upon delivery.

10-4 Carrier Freight Portal

Build relationships with your shippers while minimizing check calls with our easy integration and automatic status updates.

Download 10-4 CFP Information
10-4 Carrier Freight Portal

Download 10-4 CFP Information

Be Proactive

• Real-time updates for after-hours team management

• Customizable views

• Easily search and filter

Best-in-Class Customer Service Tool

• Offer the best customer service

• Provide real-time tracking with end-to-end visibility

• Reduce customer calls with streamlined communication

10-4 Mobile

Mobile freight tracking in real time on any device provides:

• Status updates

• POD uploads

• Minimized check calls

Download 10-4 Mobile Information
10-4 Mobile

Download 10-4 Mobile Information

Get the data that matters to you

• Choose the best partners based on automated shipper performance scorecards

• Customized data mining helps you pick your BEST partners

• Improve communication and transparency with your shipper network