• Looking for real-time, end-to-end shipment visibility?
  • Want automated shipment and delivery updates?
  • Want customized reporting and analytics to help you pick the best partners?

We ensure high-fidelity freight visibility from origin to destination. This transparency helps you be proactive rather than reactive, aiding in proper resource allocation to save you time and money.

Our Freight Portal offers real-time mapping and on-time status reporting. We provide tracking through a number of integration paths, including API, EDI, and the use of 10-4 Mobile, which enables GPS truck tracking capabilities.

The Freight Portal Dashboards provide you with key insights and performance scorecards.

10-4 Enterprise Freight Portal

Real-time visibility with a seamless integration between your business and your carrier partners.

Download 10-4 EFP Information
10-4 Enterprise Freight Portal

Download 10-4 EFP Information

Be Proactive

• Automated statuses

• Geofenced delay notifications

• Easily search and filter

Best-in-Class Customer Service Tool

• Offer the best customers service

• Provide real-time tracking with end-to-end visibility

• Reduce customer calls with streamlined communication

10-4 Mobile

Get real-time location tracking on our lightweight app that provides:

• Status updates

• POD uploads

• Minimized check calls

Download 10-4 Mobile Information
10-4 Mobile

Download 10-4 Mobile Information

Data Matters

• Provide useful data and analytics

• Customized data mining

• Improve communication and transparency with customers